The path of the roses 
France, Chartres and Paris23th to 25th November 2007

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C.G. Jung’s psychology, Andean tradition and morphogenetic fields
A path to discover towards an integration of various European roots through its flowers - reflection of its feminine aspect,
coming into contact with the collective subconsciousness of a culture by its sacred power-places.

the french rose        route details

The “roots” of a culture are the product of all contacts=influences=integrations through its history. From time to time, this eternal “fertilization” results in an enigmatical person, symbol and “flower” of its culture. (In a certain way, this picture of “roots and flowers” may be considered as a projection of the collective subconsciousness.)

The rose is the most appropriate and beautiful picture representing the female spirit. Composed by five petals around its centre, the rose also reminds the six female archetypes according to C.G. Jung: the Mother (in the centre, as a basis of all life), the Daughter, the Sister, the Lover, the Goddess of earth and the inferior world and the Sofia. (Her complement since medieval times and male symbol is the sword.)

The collective subconsciousness of a culture “search” and “try to manifest in” tangible reality (such as “sacred places”) and to reflect itself in “representative personalities”, to facilitate the contact with it and to “show” its level of evolution, not only to the members of its own entity but also to “others”, who in the beginning do not influence directly in its specific evolution, but seeing and contemplating these manifestations, in fact yet are doing so, by becoming conscious of their existence.
The “collective subconsciousness” according to Jung corresponds to the “morphogenetic field of personality and human behaviour” (R. Sheldrake). The way to come into contact with this reality is the ritual (J. Almendro).

The techniques (rituals) of the Kausay Puriy of the Andean tradition - for being applicable universally and based in a spiritual geodesy - demonstrate being very much appropriate to work at the power-places of a culture to so experience its collective subconsciousness.  

Coming into contact with a morphogenetic field (trans)forms automatically all fields concerned, “form” them (= change their form). The collective subconsciousness, as well as the own being of the participant of the ritual evolve.

The final purpose of the creation of this bunch of roses, is a journey towards the European roots trough its so much forgotten feminine aspects, to reconcile and to create a new consciousness, stronger and of new auto estimate.


the Rose of France
the North

23th to 25th November 2007

To this intent and continuing the path we have taken during the last years, which has enriched us between others with the perfume of the Spanish rose - Saint Teresa of Avila - we have organized this time a pilgrimage to power-places in the North of France. Our research will lead us, by using the techniques of the Kausay Puriy, to an “immersion" in the European morphogenetic field and an intense contact with the French conception.

This will allow us to not only evolve in our own personal being, by integrating new human aspects and experimenting archetypes which till know only have been active in our subconsciousness, but also to participate in the collective work towards a new European consciousness and an approach and new balance between the two "sides" of France


After having retaken contact - in the cathedral of Chartres - with the roots of the European rose-bush, which we have yet touched during our trip in the south of France. We will plunge into the other side of the French culture, the one of the North, which has influenced whole Europe - working at power-places in Paris.

And finally, we will find the Rose of France in Heloïse, visiting the places where she has done her first and her last steps on the path of spiritual evolution, together with her masculine complement - lover, husband and friend in body and soul - Abelard.
She reflects by her path the principal feature of the Frenc
h culture - this ditch between the "savoir vivre" (physical joy of life) and the important role given to philosophical-spiritual-political expression, even in the most physical domains of live (f.e. the "nouvelle cuisine") - and she shows her way to integrate them in an understanding that results to be much more than a simple sum.

With this journey in the North of France, we would be able to integrate the experienced, finding in Heloïse a woman who has succeed to sublimate the deep segregation in her soul in love, transposing it from the personal to the universal. Heloise, who - in its culmination - "omits" (compelled) her "other side", sublimating it in a new spiritual power.

This journey forms part of an European path, touching again the heart of the rose-bush, but especially the French rose, to continue to create the bunch.


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Route details North of France

This travel is proposed to persons having participated at least in the basic seminary Phaña.

dates:   from 23th to 25th of November 2007

beginning:   friday 23th November 2007, midday 
end:          sunday 25th November 2007, afternoon  

meeting point:   friday at 12.00 (noon), Paris
Ending point:
   sunday 5.00 p.m., Paris

the price includes:    participation at the workshop provided by Juan Nuñez del Prado, transfers by metro at Paris, go and return by train Paris-Chartres, two overnights in twin-bedded rooms in ** or *** hotels, two breakfasts, dinner of saturday, entrance fees for the sites to visit

does not include:    lunch, dinner at friday, drinks, travel to the meeting point and back from the point of ending

price:  580,- €  

Registration fee:  300,- €  

bank account:    Julio Alcubilla,  BBVA , calle Zaragoza 4, Huesca (Spain).  N° account 0182 3107 14 0208028357
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contact:   Judith Benecke,  ,  tel./fax. 00 34 974 31 86 00 , mob. 00 34 620 93 24 34

- prepayment is required to accept your registration
- the remainder of the payment needs being received on our account 15 days before the beginning of the travel
- please, indicate if you prefer a single room (supplement of
€ )

general terms:
- transports by metro and train
- times are always an approximation and may change
- “quick” lunches are provided  (sandwich or so, no restaurant)
- time for "working": arrival, leaving the
metro / train, walk, "work", talk, walk back, leaving
- the timings for the “work” needs being strictly respected to allow for a smooth proceeding of the journey

The program can be subject to changes, according to the weather conditions and the general course of the journey and unexpected circumstances. 

    Cathedral of Chartres (connection with the roots by the labyrinth and the black Virgin "under earth")

île de la Cité, Notre Dame, km 0 (approach to the "heart", the "physic" couple Heloïse and Abelard)

               place de la Concorde, Dôme des Invalides, Pantheon, Saint Sulpice (the "head", the masculine, the intellectual lineage and heritage)      

Tomb of Heloïse and Abelard (the French Rose, the sublime couple, saywa towards the place of departure of the next journey on the Path of the Roses)




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